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Baby Dedication 

NEXT Baby Dedication is on March 15, 2020

Water Baptism 

NEXT Water Baptism is on March 15, 2020

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2020 Family Conference

Join ​Apostles ​Tony ​and ​Cynthia ​Brazelton ​for ​4 ​days ​and ​4 ​nights ​in Myrtle Beach, SC ​for ​the ​2020 ​"Free to be Me" ​Family ​Conference! ​

Young Adult Small Group

This small group is designed for ages 19-35 whether your single or married. We offer a support  through Christ centered community, fun and fellowship. 

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Season Saints Small Group

This small group is designed for ages 55 and older for married and single people. 

The Seasoned Saints is a group of Godly women over the age of fifty, who base their sisterhood on Titus 2:3. We are here to teach younger sisters on how to take care of themselves and how to nurture their families. The Seasoned Saints fellowship together through book club discussions, attending plays, Christian movies, dining out, and serving our Disabled Veterans.


Come join the Seasoned Saints of VCMI-CC, "We'll leave the light (of God) on for you"

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Married Women Small Group

This small group is "exclusively" for the Wives of VCMI Waldorf. Pastor Portia has a heart and vision to Foster Fellowship in women and the Virtuous Women’s Ministry - Wives Small Group is one of the many ways to accomplish that. Through organized fellowship, the WSG provides an outlet for wives not only CONNECT with one another but to GET CONNECTED and involved with sharing the vision of VCMI with other wives in the house and in our community.

Husbands of VCMI Small Group

This small group is designed for married men

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Singles Small Group

This small group is designed for Single men and women 

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Married Small Group

The VCMICC Marriage Ministry small group meets quarterly and focuses on strengthening couples through fun activities, practical teaching, and application of God's word as it pertains to the marriage relationship. There is also a fellowship experience at each meeting which allows couples to offer insight and encouragement to one another while enjoying laughs and some friendly competition.

Overcomers Small Group

This small group is designed for those that needed spirtual help to overcome addictions, behaviors and mindsets.

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