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Baby Dedication

Psalm 127:3 tells us “Children are a heritage from the Lord…” Celebrate our precious gifts with us at our Baby Dedication at our 10 AM Worship Experience. Click here to complete the online form. 



Water Baptism


Share your outward expression of acceptance of our Lord Jesus Christ in your life. Click here to complete the online form.

Pre-Marital Counseling Request

 At VCMI, it is our conviction that we are responsible before God to do the best we can to prepare couples for the joys, demands and responsibilities of marriage. We have confidence that the marriages we perform will be blessed by God becasue we are completely committed to God’s standards and His best, rather than to do what might be convenient for others and ourselves. There is a necessity for practical preparation for the many adjustments that will take place in marriage.  Therefore, the premarital sessions are designated as preventative advice and instruction given to aid the development of healthy, happy, and well-balanced Christian homes. Click here.

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