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About Us

Victory Christian Ministries International (VCMI) is one church in many locations. Founded by Pastors Tony and Cynthia Brazelton in 1994, VCMI has established locations in Suitland and Charles County, MD as well as Woodbridge, VA, Washington, D.C., Orlando, FL, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom We recently launched our newest location in Bowie, Maryland! Each one of these dynamic ministries are specifically designed to build and strengthen a community-centered church.


We are committed to teaching the Word of God in a tangible and practical format that will cause you to grow, mature, and develop into the person God created you to be. We provide various resources, from weekly worship experiences, small groups, to all locations conferences and events, all to help you grow in your relationship with God. VCMI is dedicated to building strong families that in turn build strong communities that will impact the world for Jesus.

Our Vision

The Spirit of the Lord is upon us, and He has anointed us to preach the gospel and to raise up a body of believers to be the church of our Lord, Jesus Christ - a church without walls. Our goals are to teach the Word of God so that at anytime you can see the Word, hear the Word, and understand the Word of God, you can be converted into the Word you see, hear, and understand. And once we are converted, we can now strengthen the brethren and as witnesses declare with boldness, 




" [Jesus] is, so are we in this world!"

1 John 4:17

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