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Periscope Instructions

Mobile App Download Links for those who want to use their mobile devices:


To Find and Follow Pastor Cynthia:

1. Tap the People Tab

2. Tap the magnifying glass icon 

3. Type Cynthia Brazelton or @PCBrazelton

4. Tap the "+" icon to follow!


Web Instructions and link for those using a web browser: 

Pastor Cynthia's Periscope Broadcast Link:


Periscope Website Info on how Web Stream works:

You can watch videos on the web and with other mobile browsers. If a broadcaster tweets out a live broadcast link, click on it and you'll be able to watch on your browser. Periscope on Web doesn't have chatting or heart capabilities at this time. To view an endless stream of popular broadcasts you can visit You can also locate a specific user's web profile at


Having trouble viewing broadcasts on the web? Make sure you have Flash installed on your computer. You should also check your browser settings to make sure Flash is enabled.

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